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Hello and welcome! My name's Annie and I'm a 20 year old Theater Tech major. I'm pretty decent at sound design and art. Things you'll find are:

+Night Vale
+Steven Universe
+Funny stuff


tiger & bunny everyone


it’s been years since i’ve first seen this comic and i still think it has one of the best punchline delivers of anything i’ve ever seen

Sugilite Fusion Dance


sic burn


Sunglasses !!

BY :: 基月 


More birb prince

Free! es  ☆ Kisumi Shigino 


Art for our SDCC 2014 signing card!

Inked by Danny Hynes, colored by Efrain Farias and Elle Michalka! 

I did the sketch! Plus some Hangul practice.

tattoos by amanda wachob (x)

First 10 on Shuffle:(Tagged by Dani)

  1. Ectobiology (Homestuck
  2. Evangelion Opening
  3. Apotheosis from the Journey (Game) Soundtrack
  4. For No One By the Beatles
  5. We Hate You Please Die By the Black Lips
  6. Traveling by Utada Hikaru
  7. Bend And Snap From The Legally Blonde Musical
  8. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by The Subways
  9. Supermassive Black Hole (Vocal only) By Muse
  10. Next Year By Foo Fighters


A selection of Character, Prop and Effect designs from the Steven Universe episode Coach Steven

Art Direction: Elle Michalka

Lead Character Designer: Danny Hynes

Character Designer: Colin Howard

Prop Designer: Angie Wang

Color: Amanda Rynda, Tiffany Ford


Sculpture by Kate Macdowell

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